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The Lilypond Model: An integrated model of Safety II principles in the workplace. A quantum shift in patient safety thinking

"We can't understand complex systems using linear models"


The Just Culture. Why it isn't Just; and how it could be

"A culture predicated on liability is not Just. One that is centred on learning could be"


Beyond Root Cause Analysis: How variation analysis can provide a deeper understanding of causation in complex adaptive systems

"From asking 'what caused this?' to asking 'of all variations, which most likely affected the outcome?'




The future of safety and the New View refraction

Differing scientific views can contradict and compete; they can also complement or coexist.


Blogs and short pieces

Please explore some of the shorter pieces I have written on safety, systems and creating excellence within work.

The Awkward Body Shaming Tendency of Safety Science

Safety isn't a search for zero.

The Restoration of Accountability

Safety needs to be more human. Does that lead to a difficult relationship with the idea of people being accountable for their work?

The High Performance Dilemma

There is a difference between success and winning

It's the ecology stupid! 

If we want to understand why things made sense at the time we need to change how we consider performance

Safety II/ Resilience Engineering:
Tinker, tailor, soldier, why?

What is the current situation with Safety II and Resilience Engineering and what are the future potential challenges?

Be Lego: High performing teams and the search for "No Stats All Stars"

What if the way we considered talent in our teams was wrong?

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